Introduction to Explanation and Argumentation

The following resources were presented during the PSEP Summer Institute and cover Explanation and Argumentation as a teaching practice.

Participant Notebook
CER Tools & Strategies
Explanation & Argumentation Presentation

Additional Explanation/Argumentation Resources
Chapter 11 - Inquiry and Scientific Explanations by Katherine L. McNeill and Joseph Krajcik
Engaging Students in the Scientific Practices of Explanation and Argumentation by Brian J. Reiser, Leema K. Berland, and Lisa Kenyon
Grade 3-5 workgroups will be using What's Your Evidence?
Grade 6-8 workgroups will be using Supporting Grade 5-8 Students in Constructing Explanations in Science

Explanation/Argumentation Video
Audi A6 TV Commercial - "My Father is an Alien"