Working Spaces for 2015/2016
The following links will allow you to access the working documents for the 2015/2016 PSEP groups. Each group will have a technical lead (TL) which will have edit rights to their group folder within Google Drive. If there are any questions or issues, please contact Debra Knickerbocker (

Technical Leads Access Request

Google Drive Instructions
Technical Lead Tips & Tricks


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SPS MS Documents, Protocols & Templates

Properties of Matter
Group PM1
Marie-Claude Bourque (TL),Kurt Grevstad & Todd Vandermeulen

Group PM2
Gail Bader, Jessica Levine,
Emilie Mosko, Randy Self
& Jeffrey Westmoreland (TL)

Group PM3
Mawiayah Fields, Lisa Kelleher (TL),
William Nelson & Lynn Rody

Group PM4
Connie Gold, Laura McGinty& Liz Woodard (TL)
Group PM5
Emily Elasky (TL),
Paige Porter, Christian Sommarstrom
& Zachary Walen

Catastrophic Events
Group CE1
Wilson Chin, Tara Lozen (TL),
Serena Quynn, John Urdal &
David Winfield

Group CE2
Janet Bautista (TL), Sarah Loron,Marianne Jarnagan & David Parker
Group CE3
Teresa Alsept, Laura Hauswald,Demere Kifle, Austin Smith (TL)& Darrel Tanaka
Group CE4
Jacki Colloton, Wendy Rodriquez,Melanie Shelton, Beth Stone,Julia Ward (TL) & Karen White
Group CE5
Anastasia Sanchez& Brad Shigenaka (TL)
Group CE 6
Marco Behar, Tim Hayes-McQueen,
Colin Kaparos, Gabrielle Peirce
& Chandra Wu (TL)

Group CE7
Matt Brewer (TL), Christina Helmecke
& Jim Vigil
Diversity of Life

Group DOL1
Travis DesAutels, Antoine Jarrett,
Guy Lawrence, Barbara Braun,
Jeremy Fogel & Tim Mead (TL)

Group DOL2
Chris Blea, Christine Benita,
Dennis DeBell, David Ketter,
Breck McKean, Rich Shipley
& Laura Tyler (TL)

Group DOL3
Mona Aboel-Nil, Angela Clement,
& Rachel Desler (TL)

Group DOL4
Kristin Danielsen-Wong,Sharon Reuter,
Kary Gillette-Cockerill (TL)
& Joel Maier (TL)
Group DOL5
Ashley Choi (TL) & Ben Evans

Group DOL 6
Hue Ho, Merryl Pohl (TL)
& Nathan Stuart

Group DOL 7
Mary DeCoy, Chandler Dennison (TL)
Laura LaFrance, Lance Johnson
& Melissa Naylor

*Denotes a group without a technical lead (TL)